Tetris Battle on Facebook is a comprehensive online Tetris competition game. The actual master of Tetris is Nick Hyunik Chang, the Korean player. It's the successor of Tetris Friends, but it puts more focus on asynchronous gameplay (pseudo multiplayer.)



Rankings are important for all players to earn more stars and rank up.

Sprint 4PEdit

4 players race against time to clear 40 lines.


A single player mode where the player gets a high score while the game is progressively getting faster.


A private event that only Twitter accounts who follow tetris Battle can easily see the latest passwords and enter.

Battle 2PEdit

A versus mode against one opponent.

Battle 2P+Edit

A versus mode similar to Battle 2P, except the game ends when the player gets 2 KOs. The only item exclusive to this game mode is the 1 KO Item, which allows you to win when knocking out your opponent once.

Battle 6PEdit

A versus mode against 5 opponents.


Single mode to clear 40 lines as fast as the player can.

Game StrategyEdit

Tetris stacking (Pure Tetris)Edit

It is 4 lines cleared with one I tetrimino. It maintains back-to-back bonus when performing more Tetrises.

2-wide combo Edit

2-wide combo is the slowest combo among the three strategies and is basic for newbies starting off with combos (you have to stack an extra column or two compared with 3/4 wide for a smaller combo). Although it is slow in combo-ing, it is probably the best method to finish the game. A successful 2-wide combo strategy can easily finish the game in more or less 30 seconds. Even at Rank 100+

3-wide comboEdit

3-wide is more useful, the amount of time should be hypothetically slightly faster than a 2 wide and  makes more combos, the winner of the tetris tournament used 3-wide so its a recommended technique, to 3wide you just need to leave three spaces on one side. However, it's harder than 2 wide and some find it less structured than 4 wide.

4-wide comboEdit

There are multiple ways to do 4 wide, the most commonly used one is to leave three minos in the gap while using each piece to clear a line and adding to the combo. A MUCH harder but safer and to some degree more effective way is to leave the four center slots open allowing for the floor to raise all the way to the ceiliing without giving a KO.

TSD openerEdit

There are several ways to do this, usually the I piece is horizantally dropped into the center immediately, the L piece is propped against the wall vertically like the letter and Z piece is placed on top of the I to create a T slot (or J and S piece in mirror versions). The rest of the field is filled and a T-spin double is executed within the first bag.  

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