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Tetris Battle on Facebook is a comprehensive online Tetris competition game. The actual master of Tetris is Nick Hyunik  Chang, the Korean player.


Ranking<every 1 secs>.the cheats is going to rank 50 and 63 of champion of tetrisEdit

Sprint 4PweweqeEdit

4 players race against time to clear 40 lines.


A single player mode where the player gets a high score while the game is progressively getting faster.


A private event that only Twitter accounts who follow tetris Battle can easily see the latest passwords and enter. .

Game StrategyEdit

1-wide combo

2-wide combo is the fastest combo among the three strategies so with it players can kill opponents fast.

3-wide comboEdit

3-wide is more useful , the amount of time should be similar to stacking a 2wide but a 3wide makes more combos, the winner of the tetris tournament used 3wide so its a recommended technique, to 3wide you just need to leave three spaces on one side

4-wide comboEdit

There are multiple ways to do 4 wide, the most commonly used one is to leave three blocks sticking out on the right or left side of the wall while using each piece to destroy one combo. The more effective way is to leave the four center slots open allowing for the floor to raise all the way to the ceiliing without giving a KO.


To perform a T-Spin, you must first create a T-Tetrimino-shaped hole in the Matrix (called a T-Slot) with one extra block hanging over one side of it.

As the T-Tetrimino falls, turn it so that it is upright and the cross of the T faces away from the overhanging block above the T-Slot. As the Tetrimino comes to rest inside the T-Slot, turn it toward the open space under the block.

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