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Tetris Battle

Developer(s) G-mode
Publisher(s) G-mode
Release Date(s) March 1, 2002
Platform(s) Japanese mobile phones

Gameplay Info

Next pieces Three
Playfield dimensions 10w x ?h (20h visible)
Hold piece Yes
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system SRS
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Not to be confused with Tetris Battle Gaiden, a game released for Super Famicom.

Tetris Battle is a competitive online multiplayer created by Tetris Online Limited for Facebook, the first being Tetris Friends.

This game does not uses real time. It uses something called a "prerecorded play" system.

The objective of this game is to get a higher score than your opponent within 2 minutes, or give the opponent enough KOs to end the match early. You can earn "attack points" by clearing lines. When the gauge of "attack points" becomes full, you can send unremovable garbage to the opponent.

After each game, the game sends your play record (the movements and sequence of pieces you used during your game session) may appear as an opponent for other players and vice versa for them.


The game plays similar to the original Tetris: you try to stack blocks as evenly as possible and if you fill a whole row with blocks they vanish; thus, you have sent one "line" to your opponent. And each line, rather than giving you points, gives your opponent a line of blocks; only breakable by placing a block on top of the bomb block that's somewhere in the line. Based upon what you did, it will send more than one line of bombs and on your opponent's side, it will show on a line to the right of his screen how high the bomb blocks will go; with the line going from green to red based on how high it is. If it's all the way up, your opponent gets KO'ed.

There are several ways to gain tons of lines:


A single is basically clearing one line; it gives you opponent moderate damage only consisting of one line of bomb blocks. As the game progresses, the speed of which the blocks fall down increases.


A Tetris is when you have a line piece and put it in an empty gap that can hold it. The result clearing four blocks and the game saying you completed a "Tetris" and it gives your opponent a pretty heavy fill of bomb blocks; depending on how many you had set up. Doing it two times in a row before your opponent completes their turn can result in severe damage.


The most complicated combo, a T-Spin is when you create a gap that's in the shape of a T or is able to fit a T piece in it. If done successfully, it completes a "T-Spin" and, being the hardest combo to create, gives the opponent major damage if performed correctly. Clearing two lines with a T-Spin creates threatening damage on your opponent's side. Most players are aware of this and have successfully created patterns you can learn that will show how to make fast T-Spins against your opponent. Some patterns can even create T-Spin combos, where if even one more T-Spin is created can fill your opponent's entire screen; immediately KO'ing them.


The game is timeset in two minutes of standard time and each player must try to KO each other the most. If KO's are even within the last ten seconds, the victor is the one who has sent the most lines. More lines do not surpass a KO. For example, if your opponent has a hundred lines sent, but you've sent zero and have one KO on them, then you will win the match ultimately.


(Rank 0) Tenderfoot

(Rank 1) Newbie

(Rank 2) Novice

(Rank 3) Rookie

(Rank 4) Trainee

(Rank 5) Hobbyist

(Rank 6) Practioner

(Rank 7) Contender

(Rank 8) Acheiver

(Rank 9) Apprentice

(Rank 10) Journeyman

(Rank 11) Intermediate

(Rank 12) Hotshot

(Rank 13) Captain

(Rank 14) Leader

(Rank 15) Pioneer

(Rank 16) Whiz

(Rank 17) Professional

(Rank 18) Expert

(Rank 19) Veteran

(Rank 20) Elite

(Rank 21) Artist

(Rank 22) Star

(Rank 23) Superstar

(Rank 24) Artist 

(Rank 25) Virtuoso

(Rank 26-30) Genius

(Rank 31-35) Untouchable

(Rank 36-40) Prodigy

(Rank 41-45) Ace

(Rank 46-50) Hero

(Rank 51-55) King

(Rank 56-60) Beast

(Rank 61-65) Champion

(Rank 66-70) Guru

(Rank 71-75) Sage

(Rank 76-80) Master

(Rank 81-85) Grandmaster

(Rank 86-90) Legendary GM

(Rank 91-100) Immortal

(Rank 100-110) Demi-God

(Rank 110+) GOD OF TETRIS

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