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Publisher(s) N/A
Release Date(s) September 23rd 2008
Platform(s) Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 1-8
Playfield dimensions 4-10w x 4-20h
Hold piece Optional
Hard drop Locking and non-locking options
Rotation system Various options
Tessellate title
[[image:{{{title-scrn}}}|100px]] [[image:{{{ingame-scrn}}}|100px]]

Tessellate is the engine behind the tetronimo games at A unique feature of the Tessellate engine is that it allows users themselves to define their own games and compete on shared leaderboards for these games. Other features include user-customisable themes and the ability to watch replays of any record.

Standard modes Edit provides 3 standard modes.

  • 40 Lines
  • 2 Minute Speed Run
  • 20G Japanese

Creating user-defined modes Edit

Any number of user-defined modes can be created using the Tessellate Wizard tool.

Simulation Edit

Scoring Edit

Tessellate calculates points in two stages.

  1. As a tetromino locks, Tessellate records into each block of that tetromino the number of frames that have elapsed since the previous tetromino was locked. However, if a tetrimino locks during a level block (where the player cannot progress until a line clear is achieved), or blocks appear in the well due to garbage rather than a locking tetromino, then a fixed frame count of 300 is stored into each of those blocks.
  2. When rows are cleared, Tessellate awards points according to the following formula:
    • points = rows * (combo + twist) * max(1, progress * columns * blocks / blockFrames)


    • rows is the number of rows cleared
    • columns is the number of columns cleared
    • blocks is the number of blocks cleared
    • blockFrames is the total number of elapsed frames stored in each of the cleared blocks
    • combo is set to 1 if no rows are cleared, otherwise combo is increased by (rows - 1)
    • twist is 1 if the locked piece cannot be moved one cell left, right or up, or otherwise is 0
    • progress is 40 + the current piece/line/level (depending on the game's unit of progress)

Most factors in this formula may be switched on or off when defining a game mode:

  • If combos are disabled, then combo is always reset to 1 before the above combo formula is applied
  • If multirow clears are disabled, then the combo formula is changed to increase combo by 1 rather than (rows - 1)
  • If twists are disabled, then twist is always set to 0
  • If progress points are disabled, then the above formula assumes a constant current piece/line/level of 80
  • If speed points are disabled, then the above formula assumes a constant blockFrames of 16*blocks

External Links Edit

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